Cobra in the garden!

Namaste and welcome to my blogs page.

Springtime is well underway! Making the most of the gorgeous weather we had yesterday, I spent some time practicing asanas in the garden (in good company of dogs, of course).

Keeping this first blog post for the site short and sweet, I'd like to share a few photos from the day here and also highlight one pose in particular – The Cobra:

Bujangasana (cobra) is a great backward bending asana. Anyone who spends long hours hunched over a desk would benefit from this pose as it gives the back muscles a really good counter stretch. This is a wonderfully rejuvenating posture, worth incorporating into any home practice.

The photos below show two versions of the asana: Classic cobra where just the head and chest is lifted up (abdomen remains on the mat), and a variation where some of the weight is transferred onto the hands, allowing the practitioner to come up higher, deepening the backward bend.

Other asanas pictured: Tree pose, Dancing Lord Shiva, and Bridge variation.

Om Shanti

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